8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) – Xbox One Review

The Xbox Store may be inundated with re-releases and remasters, but none of which are quite like what developer Abstraction Games have brought to the table with their title: 8 Bit Adventure Anthology Volume One, which includes three classic point and click titles from old school Mac and NES gaming.

You load up the game, pick your choice of the three games and jump straight in. Each game can take you around a couple of hours to complete, but for those who already know the puzzles, should be able to finish each one in under an hour. It should be noted that each of the three included games are very similar, with the only changes being the story itself.

The three titles included in the collection are Shadowgate, Déjà Vu and Uninvited, all of which were horror games released by developer Mindscape who brought us a lot of well-known titles during the eighties before they were acquired by Toolworks. For those who haven’t played any of these titles before, they are played in the first-person perspective with a small screen in the top corner displaying the area at which you’re currently observing. Below, are various options which allow you to interact with the image such as ‘look’, ‘open’ and ‘pull’. To the right of the image, you’ll see your inventory list.

8 bit 1

You need to remember that when these titles were first released, they were excellent thought-provoking games, and fans loved them. The problem in this day and age, where gamers only seem to care more about state of the art graphics and less about the storytelling, is that these classic games are definitely not graphically pleasing, hence the ‘8-bit’ in the title. However, each game has a great story, although all not that horrifying, but at the time of initial release, were quite chilling.

For those who have played any of these titles before, other than the ability to change the type of ‘filter’ to play the game in, there are no other differences. There’s no bonus extras. There’s no history of the games, which you would expect from most re-releases. There’s not even a choice of different control schemes. The cursor movement is slow and there’s no ‘quick select’ for the commands, meaning you’re constantly scrolling up and down to choose between the different interaction options, should what you originally tried didn’t work.

Overall, 8-Bit Adventure Anthology provides something different on the Xbox Store, the problem is the repetitiveness of all three games. Having said that, it’s definitely a great addition, especially for fans of the genre. We just hope that future volumes in the series offer up something different in terms of gameplay, but judging by the title, that’s a huge hope for us.

8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) is available to download from the Xbox Store, priced at £6.39.

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  • 6/10
    Overall - 6/10


8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) does exactly what it intends – to bring you three classic horror adventure games from eighties gaming, but nothing much else.

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