God of Light: Remastered – Xbox One Review

Developer Playmous have ported across the physics-based puzzle game God of Light, which rethinks the genre, but is it worth your time or should you just put this light out?

God of Light was first released on mobile platforms, and has gained critical acclaim with its success. This remastered version offers off some nice new HD visuals and an additional soundtrack, but for those that are looking for extra content will be disappointed to hear that it’s the same game as the mobile version, other than those additions mentioned. However, if you’re new to the game and a fan of puzzlers, you’ll find something new that you’ve rarely seen before.

The idea of the game is extremely simple: Shine a light from the light source that reflects on a mirror(s) to direct that light to the end goal. The game will start you out on a few tutorial levels to introduce you to the mechanics and controls. Once you complete those levels, you’ll move on to the game map, depicted by a tree with lights surrounding said tree. Those lights go out, and it’s up to you to work your way around the map, lighting them all up. Each light on the map has several levels attached to it. Complete the levels as quickly as possible for bonus score, although it’s not necessary. The further you progress, more mirrors will be introduced, requiring you to shine a single light on many mirrors at once, in order to get to the goal.

The game does a good job at slowly incorporating new mechanics to the game such as bouncing your light off other objects or allowing your firefly to light up things around you to give you an idea of where you need to go. Yes, that means at the start of each level, it’ll be completely dark until you start shining that light. The thing it doesn’t do a good job with is the actual controls themselves, which seems to let the whole game down.

god of light 1

Many, many times, I struggled to rotate the analogue sticks to move mirrors whether that was down to movement being too slow or because of the positioning of the mirrors in the level and my inability to co-ordinate which way I need to be rotating those sticks. God of Light’s controls in the mobile gaming scene are simply just touch-controls, requiring you to just press your finger on a mirror and turn it, making for much easier manipulation. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t transfer well onto a controller using the sticks. In fact, it would probably have been easier to use the trigger buttons to rotate the mirrors, but instead they’re there for fine-tuning – which doesn’t help because the mirrors move slowly as it is.

Overall, God of Light has brilliant gameplay with a unique take on the physics based puzzler. Plenty of levels for you to have a go at and a great soundtrack, but is let down by the fact that the controls don’t work as well as they should. If you can handle the frustration of controlling the mirrors, then this is definitely something you can invest a lot of time into. Otherwise, just stick to the mobile version of the game.

God of Light is available now and can be downloaded from the Xbox Store, priced at £8.39.

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  • 6/10
    Overall - 6/10


God of Light is a brilliant puzzler that takes a different approach to physics-based gameplay. With plenty of levels and a great soundtrack, it’s only downfall is the horrendous controls.

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