Achievement Hunters – de Blob

Developer Blue Tongue Entertainment have revealed the achievements for the remastered de Blob. There will be a total of 23 achievements and none of them are secret. You can check out the full list of achievements below.



Last Resort’s savior (10 points)
Save Last Resort from INKT Corporation.
Uptown’s savior (10 points)
Save Uptown from INKT Corporation
Downtown’s savior (10 points)
Save Downtown from INKT Corporation.
The Chroma Dam’s savior (10 points)
Save the Chroma Dam from INKT Corporation.
Guggentraz Island’s savior (10 points)
Save Guggentraz Island from INKT Corporation.
The Docklands’ savior (10 points)
Save the Docklands from INKT Corporation.
Hanging Gardens’ savior (10 points)
Save Hanging Gardens from INKT Corporation.
 Chroma City Fun Park’s savior (10 points)
Save Chroma City Fun Park from INKT Corporation.
Ministry of Ink’s savior (10 points)
Save Ministry of Ink from INKT Corporation.
World savior (10 points)
Defeat INKT Corporation.
Gold seeker (40 points)
Get all gold medals in story mode.
Olympic Games (40 points)
Earn 30 gold medals.
Da Vinci (70 points)
Paint everything… e-ve-ry-thing!
Rocky (70 points)
Defeat’em all.
Chronos (70 points)
Run to defeat the time.
Prada (70 points)
What a style!
Edward Scissorhands (70 points)
Decorate all trees.
Shaken, not stirred (70 points)
Shake! Shake! Shake!
Cinema Usher (70 points)
Prepare the billboard.
Transformers (70 points)
Optimus paint engine.
Braveheart (70 points)
They may take away our colour, but they’ll never take our freedom!
Icarus (70 points)
To blimp and beyond!
King Blob (120 points)
Master De Blob in all possible ways

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