Dreambreak – Xbox One Review

Your average joe: Eugene. He’s accused of murder, something completely different to his everyday life. Using every method possible, you must assist Eugene in his quest to untangle the webs of lies, deceit and twisted tales that he has become rolled up in. Eugene must discover who is friend, and who is foe, all while collecting different vinyl records for his pleasure. The game will require you to hack drone cops, race fast hover bikes, and lock horns with the rich and respected in nightclubs across the city. The aim of the game is to clear your name, and solve the murder after all.


Dreambreak is a game that requires an acquired taste. The game was a little confusing for my liking, as it wasn’t exactly an easy to follow story line. The controls of the game were confusing too, and took a while to master in my opinion. With notes around the maps telling you what to do, it wasn’t as if you didn’t know what to do, it was more a case of how to do it. For example, you have to use the window cleaner’s elevator, but you have to gain permission first, which was the tricky bit. With the pixelated, side-scrolling graphics, the game is set within a futuristic style USSR. The game’s soundtrack features many different tracks, all of which of an 8-bit sounding nature. Each track is designed to set the mood, and entice you into the game further.

DreamBreak may look pretty awesome, but when you look at it, putting aside its pixelated music and 2D graphics, you start to see the flaws. It really depends on what games you’re into to decide whether you like this game or not, but I think its safe to say DreamBreak is not my cup of tea.

Dreambreak is available to download from the Xbox Store, priced at £7.99.

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  • 5/10
    Overall - 5/10


Your average citizen has been accused of murder. It is up to you to solve your fate as you take on the role of Eugene. Based in the USSR, you must face multiple obstacles in order to help you unravel the mystery. It consists of puzzles, action and multiple endings, all of which is decided by you. Is this the game for you?

Courtney Murron

Just a girl with a passion for words, and gaming. Been gaming since I was little. Gamertag: DyslexicWorrier

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