ARK: Survival Evolved Twitch-Con Announcements

Twitch-Con 2017 may be over but Ark: Survival Evolved fans are still revelling in all the exciting announcements made by developer WildCard this weekend.

Ark: Survival Evolved has been recently moving towards releasing it’s second story based DLC continuing on the story of Ark for survivors so after you’ve defeated the four bosses, slaughtered and sacrificed through the dreaded ascension cave and defeated that dreaded overboss AI you’ll find yourself ascending into an Ark like no other, a beautiful subterranean nightmare filled with poisonous gas, deadly sun rays, noxious gas, psychedelic mushrooms and even earthquakes, you just know you’re going to need a strong tribe to survive this latest Ark.


Aberration, much like Scorched Earth boasts an addition of brand new biomes and creatures to the series. So far we have seen something referred to as the fertile zone, a lush forest like biome with large toadstools littered about as well as a bio-luminescent zone that boast large lakes and beautiful glowing tree’s that closely resemble the Tree of Life from the Avatar movies. Aberrations new creatures have been teased by Ark through Twitter since the DLC was announced but during the demo at Twitch-Con survivors got their first look at creatures like the Rock Drake and Bulbdog first hand as well aberrant versions of vanilla creatures such as the Carnosaurs or Iguanodon which differ only by some glow in the dark scale patterns.

The Rock Drake seems to be comparable to the Wyvern of Scorched Earth with it being found within a specialised trench although unlike the Wyvern the Rock Drake can’t breath fire or poison, or lightning nor even flames of frost. No instead it has a natural active camouflage. Whereas the Wyvern masters the skies through flight the Rock Drake masters it with it’s gliding capabilities, that’s because Aberration is designed around making us move around the map differently to other maps, it seems WildCard is trying to force us off our Quetzals and you see with no official dinosaur transfers in or out as well as no naturally spawning wild flyers on the map we’re going to be forced to glide whether that be on the back of a Rock Drake or by using one of the brand new specialised Glider suits.

The Glider suits when worn look similar to robotic bat like wings and as it’s name implies it allows us to glide, couple it with the new grappling hook item and you’ll be able to traverse through the cavernous ecosystem as if you were some crazy human Rock Drake hybrid. The Glider suit and grappling hooks aren’t the only new additions being brought in with Aberation as survivors will now be able to use platforms on large cave walls as well as use dynamic length rope ladders as well as a plethora of new Aberation engrams.

Another announcement from WildCard at TwitchCon was the integration of the hugely popular “Survival+” into the base game. Survival+’s arrival on Xbox One has long been rumoured and was even announced as a sponsered mod but with it’s 1 million+ subscribers having already started the hype train for Survival+ with their thousands of photo’s boasting the difference S+ will make to the game it seems WildCard decided this mod was so good it needed to be used by everyone. Some S+’s main features include but are not limited to; All items can be picked up after being placed, foundations are stackable, hideable pipes and wires, new turrets and the best feature; Corner Pieces!


Wooden Foundation with integrated pipes and wires.

Wooden Foundation with integrated pipes and wires.


Xbox One Private Server owners looking to rent through the Nitrado service have been Informed of an unexpected delay for the release of patch required to give players access to the servers. The new ETA for Private server launches is early November.

Are you an Ark player? Will you be purchasing the new DLC or make use of the new private servers? We’d be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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Source: Twitch Livestream – 20th October

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