Rogue Trooper Redux – Xbox One Review

Developer TickTock Games have brought a random game from the PlayStation 2 era back to life in the form of Rogue Trooper Redux, which initially started life out as a British science fiction comic known as 2000 AD, that’s still in production today. Anyone know of Judge Dredd? Well, he started life out in the 2000 AD comics.

When Rogue Trooper was first released back in 2006, the game was ahead of its time with its unique mechanics, but how does it stand today in this new generation of gaming?

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Rogue Trooper is the last of his kind. After Traitor General killed every one of his people known as Genetic Infantrymen; or GI for short, Rogue Trooper is hell bent on hunting down the General in a world called Nu-Earth, taking place during harsh times of war relating to the likes of World War 2 or even the Vietnamese War.

Let’s go over some of the key differences in Rogue Trooper Redux over the original. The first thing you’ll notice when the game kicks into gear is that all the action is over-the shoulder as opposed to the distant third-person action in the original, allowing you more precise aiming in combat. There is now also an automated cover system with controls to match modern shooters. Back then, shooters were popular, but no way was popular as they are now, so control schemes varied from game to game. Most shooters these days try to stick to the same control scheme so it’s easier for the player to adapt to. Of course, the graphics have been updated to match modern gaming, although it’s noticeable at times that this was designed a few console generations ago.

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As you start the game, you are slowly introduced to your fallen comrades – Bagman, Helm and Gunnar, who each serve a purpose on your revenge quest. The catch is that you take their personality biochips and they still live on beside you and will aide you. Bagman sits inside your backpack who can salvage remains to grant you more ammo and give you more upgrades. Helm fits inside your headgear which allows you to distract enemies amongst other perks and then you have the star of the show – Gunnar. Gunnar attaches to your rifle which will modify your rifle and allow you to add attachments to your rifle. It’s not long before you’re introduced to stealth techniques, where you will have the opportunity to decide how to tackle a certain situation. Do you go in all guns blazing and risk consuming all your ammo or do you play it tactically and stealthily?

There are a few multiplayer modes for you to have a go at such as Stronghold which sees you defending a position against waves of enemies and another mode – Progessive, which during the review, we didn’t delve into. You can also play through a prequel of sorts to the main campaign with two or three friends.

Whilst Rogue Trooper Redux is an excellent remaster and has been done quite well, there are some noticeable graphic hiccups along the way, but not enough to detract from the overall experience of the game. Some of the actions Rogue performs does seem slow but that could be down to the influx of modern shooters and fast-paced gameplay we’ve become used to. Rogue Trooper brings back memories of old, and certainly in a good way, but now publisher Rebellion, need to bring us a decent Dredd game.

Rogue Trooper Redux is available to download from the Xbox Store, priced at £19.99.

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  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


Rogue Trooper Redux is a revived classic for the modern age, with re-worked mechanics and updated visuals that brings a revenge story to this generation. Although it has a few noticeable hiccups, it still stands the test of time.

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