Abyss: Wraiths of Eden – Xbox One Review

Artifex Mundi, developer of the abundance of hidden object titles on Xbox One such as Enigmatis, Nightmares from the Deep and Clockwork Tales, have certainly proved their worth when it comes to the genre. Having released many sequels already to the current titles available, it’s time for Artifex Mundi to bring another one of their titles over that we’ve yet to play on Xbox One in the form of Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden, but how does it fair compared to the rest?

Whilst this title continues Artifex Mundi’s theme of the supernatural, the location is somewhat different, taking place deep underwater in an abandoned place called Eden, where the nameless protagonist is in search of a famous explorer and her lover named Robert Marceau, who went missing after taking a deep sea dive. Having been told there is nothing more they can do for her in terms of finding him, she decides to take matters into her own hands. It’s not long before she discovers creepy human-shaped creatures known as Wraiths, lurking throughout the sea, and within Eden itself. And thus a new mystery begins.


The mechanics are the same as what you’ve come to know and love. A hybrid of point and click adventure filled with hidden object games and other puzzles, and mysterious characters who may or may not aide you on your journey. Whilst there are a few new types of puzzles, the majority are familiar, but still fun to tackle. Most of them, if not all, can be completed without the need for hints, so for the achievement hunters out there, you might want to go straight into expert mode. There are more hidden object puzzles this time around, but considering the underwater theme of the game, some of the objects can be difficult to spot as opposed to the other titles.

As is usually the case with most games of any genre, underwater based levels tend to be the least popular, and with Abyss, the underwater theme seemed like a chore to tackle, rather than enjoyment. Having said that, the story of Abyss is one of the better ones, and leaning more towards horror than supernatural. This game can be completed within 4-5 hours but once completed, there is the option to play through an additional bonus story that can take you around an hour to complete.

Abyss: Wraiths of Eden still keeps the solid gameplay, it’s just the setting that is unappealing, but that may be down to a matter of opinion more than anything.

Abyss: Wraiths of Eden is available to download from the Xbox Store, priced at £7.99.

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