Inversus Deluxe Review

Inversus Deluxe is a game that brings back memories of a time gone by. Its look is simple yet its ideas are complex. It takes us back to a time of 8-bit gaming and this is something that at first glance we feel like we miss.

The concept of Inversus Deluxe is simple: You are a block, surrounded by blocks being attacked by other blocks. You have a limited number of shots that recharge over time. You must shoot your way through blocks to get to your enemies but care must be taken as these blocks can also act as your protection. This is a twin stick shooter unlike any we have really seen before.

There is a single player mode that starts off easy enough but soon becomes incredibly intense and impossibly hard. The score that you get equals stars that you need to earn to unlock later stages. This arcade mode is a good way to learn the basic ideas of the game but soon becomes so hard that we find it difficult to believe that many people will get five stars on any stage.


The levels change in colour and layout which is no less than you would expect. What you don’t expect is the change in pace. The first level itself is hard enough by the end of it but gives you a great sense of achievement once you complete it. So the next level starts and you are expecting it to ramp up from a gentle start but it doesn’t do this, oh no, instead the pace continues where the previous level left off. Or at least that’s how it feels.

There is also several different ways to play Inversus against other players. There is an online mode which we found a little surprising in a game like this and this can be fun for a short amount of time but the real fun lies in playing with a friend on your sofa. The action is fast paced and soon becomes a battle of wits. At first it seems like the winner will be the fastest to shoot and the most tactical player but this is only the beginning. Soon you will be trying to learn how your opponent will play and what move they will be making. This is chess with two sticks and a gun. Mind games become an important part of the game as you try to fake out your friend and force them to make a mistake.


The fun of Inversus Deluxe is definitely in playing with friends but the fun is short lived. The game become repetitive very quickly. The other problem with this game is that the screen flashes in a way that is not very soothing on the eyes. This means that not only will you be bored fairly quickly you will also be left with a squint. The one real saving grace with this game is that it has four player split screen capability meaning that you can share the action with up to three friends so that’s something.

If you would like to give Inversus Deluxe a go then you can download it from the Xbox Store for £11.99.

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