Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Prestige Mode Changes

Destiny 2‘s Leviathan raid has been met with a ton of praise as well as some anguish thanks to its large focus on communication and mechanics.  Yesterday Bungie let everyone bang their heads against the wall some more with the Prestige difficulty version of the raid.  Bungie did say that this would focus more on increasing the overall difficulty of the sandbox and not so much mechanics but it did indeed throw some salt on the wounds of those who are struggling with said mechanics.  Have no fear as we are here to guide you through all the changes of the prestige difficulty raid.

Overall changes

  • When a player dies, the player who dies as well as the player who revives that player will lose their revive tokens (unlike normal mode where just the player reviving the downed player would lose their token).


The Baths encounter is very much like the original aside from of course more powerful enemies.  Here are the changes for the Baths:

  • Bathers now drop a purple pool on the ground creating an area of effect debuff that will drain your psionic protection 5 times faster.
  • More Bathers spawn during the damage phase.
  • Once the damage phase is done, 4 players will be marked with a debuff called “Burden of Worthiness.”  Those 4 players will each see a different symbol (dog, cup, blades, and sun) over the center plate.  Those players must run to the plate and grab the Psionic Protection orb on that plate to prevent death.  This in turn then means that those players will be holding those plates to start the next round.


Gardens is very much still like the normal mode with only one key change:

  • There are now 8 total dogs in the gardens patrolling.  Those dogs will utilize the flowers in the left corner of the gardens when exiting the safe room as well as the flower stashed between the two largest rocks.


The world’s worst game show just stepped its game up big time.  Here are the changes for the Gauntlet:

  • All 6 players must run the Gauntlet in the first 3 rounds.  After a player runs the Gauntlet, they will be given a debuff called “Proven Worthy” preventing them from running it again.
  • The counselors that appear when the runner goes through a barrier will now spawn with a psionic projection somewhere near the plate as well.  Both need to be killed quickly to preventing the team from wiping.
  • Lastly the final run where all 6 players run the Gauntlet will do so with only 3 orbs per barrier (unlike normal mode which had 4 in each barrier).


The final trick up the sleeve up the former Cabal emperor is a fun one as well.  Here is the change to the final fight with Calus:

  • When your team is split between the shadow realm and the throne room, whoever kills a counselor in the throne room will be teleported into the shadow realm and a random player in the shadow realm will be teleported out and back into the throne room.

We really love these changes because they do help encourage everyone doing something and possibly change the roles you use to have for your raid team.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below!

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