Achievement Hunters: ELEX

Achievements have been revealed for ELEX, developed by Piranha Bytes.

There are 9 secret achievements with a total of 50 altogether. You can check out the full list of achievements below, where the secret achievements are shown at the bottom.



 Survival (10 points)
Completed – Survive.
 Calaan (10 points)
Calaan discovered.
 Safecracker (20 points)
Cracked 50 safes.
 Pilferer (20 points)
50 successful pickpockets.
 Atombouncer (10 points)
Teleported 20 times.
Fencing master (10 points)
Completed – Stolen Equipment.
 Leader (10 points)
Completed – Origin – The Power of the Center.
 Earner (10 points)
Completed – Tramp Confederacy.
 Detective (10 points)
Completed – Decaying Powers.
 Flashback (10 points)
Completed – Chaos of Emotions.
 Cultivator (20 points)
Joined the Berserkers.
 Acolyte (20 points)
Joined the Clerics.
Runner (20 points)
Joined the Outlaws.
 Romantic (20 points)
Started a relationship.
 Sewer Rat (20 points)
Completed – The Claws.
Turned the World Upside Down (20 points)
Completed – Old Obligations.
 Careerist (50 points)
Completed 300 missions.
Fightmaster (20 points)
Learned all fighting skills.
 Natural Survivor (20 points)
Learned all survival skills.
 Flexible Friend (20 points)
Learned all dexterity skills.
 Hero (20 points)
Learned all character skills.
Nature Lover (20 points)
Learned all Berserker skills.
 Master Criminal (20 points)
Learned all Outlaw skills.
 Beacon of Faith (20 points)
Learned all Cleric skills.
 Luminary (20 points)
Reached level 20.
 Splattermaster (20 points)
Fallen to death 20 times.
 Tinkerer (20 points)
Modified weapons 20 times.
 Locksmith (20 points)
Picked 100 locks.
 The Big G (10 points)
Earned 1000 Elex shards.
 Shard hoarder (20 points)
Earned 10,000 Elex shards.
 Big Earner (20 points)
Earned 100,000 Elex shards.
 Up and Away (10 points)
First jet pack flight.
 Picture Album (10 points)
Collected all 20 paintings.
 Human (20 points)
Cold is 10 or lower.
 Coldhearted (20 points)
Cold value has reached 90.
Hunter (10 points)
Killed 20 monsters.
 Slayer (30 points)
Killed 300 monsters.
 Big Game Hunter (50 points)
Killed 1000 monsters.
 Friend or Foe (10 points)
Killed 20 Albs.
Thief taker (10 points)
Killed 20 bandits.
 Visionary (100 points)
Completed ELEX.

Secret Achievements

Butcher (20 points)
Killed 50 people
Prepared (10 points)
Completed – Zardom’s Battle Plan.
Thicker than Water (20 points)
Completed – Showdown with Kallax.
Balance of Power (20 points)
Sealed the fate of Abessa City.
The Third Way (20 points)
Fed Mana to the Hybrid.
Pure Rebel (20 points)
Sided against the Hybrid.
Beast of Xacor (20 points)
Served the Hybrid.
Pack Leader (20 points)
5 companions.
Honorary Citizen (20 points)
Played 80 hours of Elex.

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