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Developer 10tons have brought us a spin-off to their title Neon Chrome with a game called JYDGE. Yes it’s with a ‘Y’. In fact, the developer seems to have some obsession with turning most of the words that have the letter ‘U’ in it and replacing it with a ‘Y’. Y? I don’t know, but let’s see if this title will break the law…

jydge 1

Taking huge inspiration from Judge Dredd, which is made obvious considering the title of the game, JYDGE tasks you with controlling a cybernetically-modified ‘upholder of the law’ known simply as JYDGE. Break in to banks, offices and other buildings to take out enemies and rescue Citizens whilst completing other tasks.

There’s plenty of replayability to be had in JYDGE. Whilst there are only around 20 missions, each mission has several other objectives attached to it to gain more medals in order to unlock more levels, mods for your gun and other upgrades. Some objectives require you to complete the mission in a set amount of time or complete the mission without taking any damage, where other missions might see you looting all the containers or eliminating all the enemies. With all the containers you loot, you’ll be ‘confiscating’ the money from the contents which fund your upgrades and new abilities.

jydge 2

You can modify your JYDGE by giving him extra power or defence, whilst some modifications will allow you to bring out certain units to assist you during missions or passive modifications such as Citizens having extra health or the ability to be hidden from the sight of enemies when in dark spaces. You can also upgrade your Gavel, which is the weapon of choice for JYDGE. However, you can alter the Gavel to change the type of bullets such as assault rifle, shotgun or even plasma ammo. Once you start earning more medals, you’ll soon be able to modify your gavel too and give it secondary ammo such as rockets.

The first Act contains nice and easy missions with a boss at the end (a “double whammy” in fact) but once that’s over, you’ll be testing your patience from here on out. Having said that, restarting missions is quick and easy, with the ability to change your loadout and modifications, and even purchase more upgrades in between respawning, so the whole thing seems less tedious. Nevertheless, this title is still a grind, especially if you want to upgrade all your weapons and unlock cooler ones. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just a shame there weren’t more missions as this was surprisingly lots of fun.

JYDGE is available to download digitally from the Xbox Store, priced at £11.99.

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