Destiny 1 On Xbox Finally Gets All Of The Content

Making some content in big games console exclusive is nothing new and can often leave players of a particular console feeling as if they have missed out just because of their choice of console. The first Destiny game had this, keeping some content exclusively for Playstation players. Xbox gamers had to wait up to a year for some of the content and some of it has stayed exclusive to Playstation.

That is up until now. While most of the world has been engrossed with Destiny 2 the developer has quietly released all of the previously exclusive content onto the Xbox One. This means that players can now get access to the Taken King content Echo Chamber strike, sublime armor, a quest from Petra Venj, the PVP map Sector 618, the Jade Rabbit exotic scout, and the Zen Meteor exotic sniper. Players will also be able to access the Rise of Iron content including Tyra Karn quest, Iron Camelot armor, and the PVP map Icarus.

This of course won’t be the last we see of console exclusive content. Destiny 2 has Playstation exclusive content that Xbox players may have to wait quite some time for.

What do you think of this situation? Should developers limit what content goes to what console or should everyone have access to all of the content in games? Let us know in the comments section below.

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