Achievement Hunters: The Culling

The Culling will be exiting Game Preview this week and with it comes achievements. And those achievements have been revealed. There are no secret achievements for this title, but you can check out the full list below.



 Ropes (20 points)
Complete the tutorial
Artificial (10 points)
Play an offline match
Singularity (50 points)
Win an offline match
Mates (10 points)
Play an online Team Match
Duet (100 points)
Win an online Team Match
Loner (10 points)
Play an online Solo Match
Soloist (100 points)
Win an online Solo Match
Survivalist (50 points)
Complete the Basic Survival Mode
Mandroid (50 points)
Reach 50 Mandroids defeated in Advanced Survival Mode
Moneybags (50 points)
Earn 400 FUNC in a single Online Match
Contestant (50 points)
Play 10 online matches
Serial (100 points)
Get 5 Kills in a single Online Match
Oldtimer (50 points)
Reach 20 hours of time alive in Online Matches
Deuce (50 points)
Deal 200 damage in a single Online Match
Threes (50 points)
Get 3 Kills in a single Online Match
Veteran (20 points)
Get 10 Career Kills
Master (30 points)
Get 25 Career Kills
Pro (100 points)
Get 100 Career Kills
Marathon (50 points)
Travel 100 KM in Online Matches
Delivery (50 points)
Call in a personal airdrop in an Online Match


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