Caveman Warriors Review

Developers JanduSoft managed to win fans over with their kickstarter campaign for Caveman Warriors, inspired by titles such as Joe & Mac, Trine and even Metal Slug. Although for me, it brought back incredible nostalgia of Chuck Rock with a dollop of The Lost Vikings.

The story in this title is kept plain and simple – just liek cavemen. Aliens arrive to the planet and kidnap the babies of the Neandethals and it’s up to these four to go out and rescue the cute little bundles of joy from the baby-obsessed aliens. Jack, Liliana, Moe and Brienne are the warrirors in question, each of them with their own unique set of skills. Brienne has a shield that can help her and co proceed through otherwise impassable areas. Moe has the ability to make the enemies make a song and dance over nothing (quite literally), allowing you to attack with ease or simply avoid them. Liliana has a spearhead that she can use to throw into certain walls to allow you to gain further height. Finally, there is Jack who wields an axe that can also be thrown towards enemies in front of him.

caveman warriors

This title can be played alone or with friends but unfortunately there is no online, just local co-op play. However, if you’re looking to play Caveman Warriors on your little lonesome, be prepared to be in for a tough time as it can be quite punishing. You only have a limited amount of lives, and athough there are only eight levels to conquer, they are quite lengthy levels. So if you happen to reach that bus with just a miniscule bit of health and you’re on your last remaining life, then he slaughters you – you’re gonna need to start from the beginning of the level again, old school style. But as previously stated, you can bring some friends along for the ride and you’ll breeze through the levels in no time. If you’re playing alone, you can alternate between each of the four characters on-the-fly allowing you to pull off some much needed moves or use a particular skill from one of the cavemen. Of course, if you’re playing co-operatively, you’ll need to work together to get past certain areas – this is where the memories of The Lost Vikings enter.

The art style is that reminiscent of Joe & Mac, which is one of the inspirations of the game. It’s definitely pretty to look at and with a varied range of locations, it never gets dull or boring. Even the enemies are different between each location, so you’ll be fighting plants and beasts in the opening level of the prehistoric stage, to fighting aliens with lasers later on in the game. As mentioned earlier, there are only eight levels, but each location has a secret level to unlock, providing you’ve collected the hidden batteries scattered around for each one. With a handful of levels and a bunch of friends, this title can be completed in just a few hours, but alone, you’re looking at double the amount of time and frustration also, but at the end of the day, this is primarily a nostalgia trip full of inspirations and subtle references.

Caveman Warriors is available to download digitally from the Xbox Store, priced at £11.99.

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