Candleman’s Lost Light DLC

Spotlightor Interactive vowed to fans of Candleman that a DLC will be released in October this year.

The DLC is believed to offer a “real ending of the game story”, with which fans were overjoyed to hear. With a total of 12 levels, the run time will roughly amount to one hour and a half, with three chapters too. Spotlightor is rumoured to perhaps be adding features such as a leaderboard. While it is not certain that this will be released with the DLC, it is questionable whether anymore features will come with the update, including the leaderboard itself.

The Lost Light DLC will be released on 20th October, and a tweet from the official Candleman Twitter account revealed the DLC will be free.

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Courtney Murron

Just a girl with a passion for words, and gaming. Been gaming since I was little. Gamertag: DyslexicWorrier

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