Destiny Scented Candles Review

Whilst not exactly Xbox related, what we have here are officially licensed Destiny scented candles, so we thought we would share our review on these scents, just for you.

There are a total of five candles in the box, each one is supposed to resemble each of the locations and materials gathered from those locations in Destiny; Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars and Dreadnaught. To give them the proper review they deserve, we decided to load up Destiny and review each candle whilst playing in their respective locations to see how well they ‘compliment’ the corresponding location. Each candle are about the size of a shot glass with each one a different colour.


First up, we loaded up Earth on Destiny and lit the Earth candle that represents the scent of Spinmetal. The scent for this candle is a blend of cut cedarwood and sandalwood infused with a sweet pine and warm resinous accords, mossy earthy tones in the base. 

Secondly, it was time to light the Moon scented candle that represents the Helium Filaments of the moon. Warm smoky accords fill the air and the comforting sound of crackling woods balanced with rich amber and warm vanilla is the description this scent is given. This was the weakest of all five scents where we even struggled to smell the aroma up close.

Thirdly, we lit the Mars scented candle that represents the Relic Iron of Mars, with the description of fresh and sappy green cactus layered with a warm floralcy of white flowers, tuberose, jasmine and rose. This is the candle you want to light if you want to be reminded of your ex-girlfriend. It has quite the feminine smell to it like perfume.

Next up was the Venus scented candle that represents the Spirit Bloom found on Venus. A refreshing white floral banquet, jasmie, plumeria and orchid blossoms topped with citrus mandarin and bergamot. Shimmering white musk with a hint of coconut on the breeze. This was our favourite scent which reminded us of when you pull clothes from out of the washing machine where you sometimes can’t resist a good sniff of the washing. We just couldn’t resist getting up close and personal with this candle and taking in the aroma. It’s a shame it didn’t fill the room like we hoped it would.

Last, but definitely not least we lit the Dreadnaught scented candle that represents the wormspore. A comforting aroma with spicy and smoky notes. Woody mossy tones in the base topped with citrus. This was the only candle to get our nose-senses tingling. Not surprising considering the ingredients for this candle are more exotic than the others, but that’s not to say this was an unpleasant smell, it was just more masculine.


Whilst none of the scents smelt awful, they didn’t exactly fill the medium-sized room we were in, so you need to be in close proximity to the candles to smell the aroma coming from them. So our little experiment didn’t quite go as planned as we couldn’t enjoy the game at the same time as focusing on the smell of the candles without them being right under our noses. But that’s not to say they’re bad value by any means. Each candle is as pleasant as the next and each stands out on their own, but you need to make sure other smells around the house don’t overshadow these scents. If you want to make the most out of each candle, you will need to use each candle in one sitting and let it fill the room, otherwise lighting them for a small amount of time is just a waste. It is also clear that these are primarily a collectors item rather than for its intended use. They look great together on the shelf – now if only we had the accompanying Ghost candle holder to make it complete…

The Destiny Scented Candles are available to purchase from online specialist retailer Yellow Bulldog, priced at £24.99 for the set of five.

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  1. @NumskullDesigns Why? Smell like Destiny hmmm

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