Has Street Fighter: The Anniversary Edition Finally Been Leaked?

The idea pops up everywhere. But it leaves fans just questioning whether or not we are going to see a Street Fighter Anniversary Special.

Picture this: August 1987. Street Fighter hits Japanese arcades. Some of you may remember, while some of you may be too young.. 1991. The sequel hits us. It catches fans by the storm, really setting off its sales. This year, it’s turning 30. While Capcom have been doing various things to promote the game’s birthday over the past few months, across European store fronts, a ‘Street Fighter Anniversary Collection’ has been seen.

It’s been creeping up everywhere for months, in all shapes and sizes, but with no definite confirmation, what are we to think? With the amount it’s seeped into everything, it’s certainly something worth checking out. Could it be true? Or is it a forgotten paradise, one that’s conned European stores into advertising the likes of such?

Appearance Number 1:

NeoGAF. Towards the end of July, alongside German retailers CoolShop, they listed a ‘Street Fighter Anniversary Collection’ for both Xbox One and PS4. The initial German shop contained a description of what seemingly matched the contents of the Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Collection for Xbox and PS2. A few days later.. CoolShop removes the listing.

Appearance Number 2: 

Puolenkuun Pelit. A few days after its appearance on NeoGAF, it pops up in Finnish retailers Puolenkuun Pelit. It featured artwork from the 15th Anniversary Edition, and was stated it was for PS4.

Different listings keep popping up, here and there, and as Gamescom came and went…. Nothing. As Tokyo Game Show approaches, fans thought the reveal will be situated at this event. Then it creeps up again, on British site, Alza, and Czech shop Madgamer. Madgamer have left their listing up, but have manipulated the image to have PS4 branding.

More listings have creeped up around the web, a new one on Polish site Kuanto Kusta. This has been shown with new packaging, complete with a price tag. Portuguese based GamingReplay have a similar style advert going too, including an Xbox One pre-order option for the game.

Back when the 15th Anniversary Edition was released, its design looked like this: 

A few listings portraying the game have used the imaging from the 15th Anniversary Edition, but have been manipulated into looking like they belong on the covers of the Xbox and PS4 game cases. Whatever possessed someone to do this if it’s an attempt at trolling is beyond me, but they seem to have fooled a lot of people. If it is fake, why would retailers take interest in it, and false advertise it?

The last console generation received digital ports of Street Fighter 2, and Street Fighter 3. These could easily be upgraded up to next gen consoles. Street Fighter 4 gave fans enough to deal with up until the release of Street Fighter 5, so what else could this collection entail? Will Capcom unearth Street Fighter 1, warts and all?

When it comes down to it, this may be an elaborately hatched plan of somebody, or it could actually be a game in the process of development. Capcom generally releases fighting game announcements at every PSX alongside the Capcom Pro Tour grand finals. Last year it was Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, and Street Fighter 4 & 5 were both announced here. Are we going to see a 30th Anniversary Edition of the game? We will certainly see. Stay updated with us to find out. Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: VG247

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