Achievement Hunters: Pankapu

Achievements have been revealed for the story-driven 2D platformer Pankapu, developed by Too Kind Studio.

Pankapu has a total of 10 secret achievements, all of which can be revealed by highlighting below.


ChiiDiscover Chii’s origins15
FeremFind a Ferem’s Tear15
GangreynBeat Gangreyn15
IketomiBeat Iketomi175
MudjinsFind a Mudjin15
Ohiti, Ohoko and OhalaSeal the bond between Pankapu and his friends15
SadhilDiscover a Sadhil Seed15
VayaMeet Vaya in Stonefall Henge15
G.U.N. UnitBeat 20 G.U.N. Units15
D.O.O.R. SystemBeat 5 D.O.O.R. Systems15
GelatynBeat 150 Gelatyns15
CrystalynBeat 30 Crystalyns15
DeevaBeat 20 Deevas15
ExplosynBeat 100 Explosyns15
Fu’guBeat 8 Fu’gus15
GelafloraBeat 20 Gelafloras15
GelaserBeat 20 Gelasers15
GelatoBeat 20 Gelatos15
Errant SoulBeat 15 Errant Souls15
JawlathBeat 200 Jawlaths15
KardiganBeat 15 Kardigans15
MagmatoBeat 20 Magmatos before they explode15
MapihaBeat 15 Mapihas15
Royal GelatoDefeat the Royal Gelato15
Sah’lakBeat 15 Sah’laks15
Sh’mupBeat 30 Sh’mups15
A.I.M. TurretsBeat 30 A.I.M. Turrets15
SlapBeat 20 Slaps15
SmooguBeat 8 Smoogus15
LogjamBeat 30 Logjams15
TokatankaBeat Tokatanka15
TyrootDefeat Tyroot15
UpakiBeat 100 Upakis15
ZoldabillyBeat the hermit Zoldate from Beneath the Roots15
ZoldalbinosBeat 1 Zoldalbino without exploiting their weak point15
Zoldate (Boot)Beat 10 Zoldates (Boot)15
Zoldate (Claw)Beat 20 Zoldates (Claw)15
Zoldate (Shield)Beat 10 Zoldates (Shield)15
AegisesObtain a new Aegis15
Itopian ForgeFind all the Forges in Peppu15
NebulaObtain a Nebula15
Oä’Ma and Hya’MaDiscover Omnia’s geography15
Oä and OmniaFind all the Mudjins in Peppu15
The SoulgateComplete the game15
Crystal ForestVisit all the areas of Crystal Forest15
Stonefall HengeFind Stonefall Henge15
The Flowery MeadowVisit all the areas of The Flowery Meadow15
GehödVisit all the areas of Gehöd15
ItopiaGet to the top of Itopia15
The Verdant ForestVisit all the areas of the Verdant Forest15
Mudjin MereVisit all the areas of Mudjin Mere15
PeppuLeave Peppu15
The Starry DeepsVisit all the areas of the Starry Deeps15
ArboretumVisit all the areas of the Arboretum15
Beneath the RootsVisit all the areas of Beneath the Roots15
The Archipelago of the WindsVisit all the areas of the Archipelago of the Winds15


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