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Each week, one of our editors will write an article that they’re (somewhat) passionate about, listing their top five favourites for anything to do with Xbox One or gaming on the Xbox One. Want to read our top five headsets? Or even top five gamer chairs? Perhaps you just want to know the top five games to avoid? We’ll have them for you on a weekly basis, so there’ll be something for everyone…somewhere down the line.

This week, to kick things off and to celebrate the release of Destiny 2’s first raid and our review, we’re going to be giving you our top five things we miss from the first Destiny. Whether you think that Destiny 2 has improved exponentially from its predecessor or it’s just more of the same, we’ve found some things from the first Destiny that we certainly miss in Destiny 2. But one thing is certain: Bungie have really gone above and beyond in making Destiny 2 what Destiny should have been, and we can’t thank them enough. Guardians, brace yourself because you’re going to feel some nostalgia pumping through your veins as we begin our top five things we miss about Destiny.

5. Dinklebot


Although we admit that Nolan North does indeed make a much better Ghost than the former Peter Dinklage, there is still something we miss about hearing Tyrion’s voice as your guide along the way during the first year of Destiny. No, not that monotone voice that made you ignore every word he said because he just sounded boring, but because he was with us at the beginning of an epic journey. It is a shame that Bungie couldn’t have worked some sort of resolution out with Dinklage, but having a gaming veteran do the voice, is far more impressive. Long live Dinklebot.

4. Bounties


Yes, we know that with Destiny 2, the quest system is much better overall. The challenges that are now associated with each world and activity make it much simpler to focus on what you need to do without having to return to the tower constantly just because you don’t have enough slots to store all those bounties. The thing we miss most about bounties, was the way you could use them in conjunction with certain activities. For example, a Vanguard bounty that required you to do solar kills on enemies also worked in the crucible, under certain conditions, so using that bounty with a crucible bounty to kill two birds with one stone, was somewhat pleasurable. Or maybe it was just me? Either way, bounties look like they are now a thing of the past. But let’s make one thing clear: We definitely do not miss those back and forth trips.

3. Heroic Strikes

heroic strike

Heroic strikes saw you completing set strikes again on a much higher difficulty with specific modifiers that grant you a ton of rewards, sometimes proving troublesome for some players. With Destiny 2, those difficult strikes seem to be a thing of the past now, but still grant you decent rewards. Although now the strikes seem more enjoyable, and they’ve ramped up the difficulty of Nightfall strikes, old school style, we still miss having that choice to earn those Strange Coins. Maybe we just miss Strange Coins. Maybe not.

2. 6v6 Crucible matches


Now that we have gotten used to the new Crucible format in Destiny 2, it got us wondering if they will ever bring back 6v6 matches, just for sheesh and giggles. The new 4v4 format does seem to work quite well, especially for those looking to actually work as a team, as players who stick together tend to come out on top more often than not, than those who don’t. And it certainly feels a lot more tactical and skill-based, but every now and then you just want to blow off some steam and go for an all-out carnage session. Yeah, 6v6 could get quite hectic at times, but it was still a lot of fun. Maybe they’ll bring back an old school 6v6 playlist with cooldowns on supers refreshing faster. It can also be a slight pain if you’re in a fireteam of 6 and want to let off some steam in the Crucible after that Leviathan raid as you’re now forced to split up.

1. The original loot cave

loot cave

That’s right folks. You may or may not have guessed it, but the loot cave is the thing we miss most from the original Destiny. As a player from day one, I so happened to stumble across this myself – no YouTube videos, no recommendations from friends – it just happened. As I was casually doing some patrols on Earth, I noticed a player just sniping from the rock in the distant. This got me curious. So I edged closer to see what this Guardian was up to and to see what he was shooting at, and lo and behold there were a ton of enemies coming out from this cave, so I thought I might join him. He stopped, gave me a wave – I waved back and we proceeded to shooting the brains out of the enemies spawning in the cave. Five or ten minutes later, another guy comes strolling along – perhaps he went through the same thought process as me. I waved at him, my new buddy waved at him and he waved back. The three of us then continues to shoot enemies in the cave.

It was at this point I really felt the social aspect of Destiny. Of course, this was caused inadvertently, of which Bungie soon after fixed. You may say it’s cheating and not the way to play the game, but I initially didn’t do it for the loot. I did it because it was more social than the social space Bungie intended for Guardians to, well socialise in. There would be times when Guardians were struggling to find a spot atop of the hill but there was never a time that I would be alone. Someone would always be there shooting the enemies and collecting the wealth, day in, day out. Sometimes, I would see that same Guardian I met on the very first day still shooting into that cave. But it was not to last. After two weeks of cave-shooting, Bungie laid the cave to rest. Quite literally. It wasn’t long after that they put a little easter egg in that cave. “Disturb the remains” it said, with a pile of corpses highlighting the loot cave. It’s nice to know that Bungie has humour and made fun of the boo-boo they made. People are still searching for it’s legacy in Destiny 2. Nothing will come close.

So these were our top five things we miss from the first Destiny. Is there anything you miss from the first game that you would like to see in the Destiny 2? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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