Friday The 13th Developer Reveals DLC Roadmap

In a blog post in the early hours of this morning, Friday the 13th: The Game developers Illfonic and Gun Media shared an announcement regarding what’s to come in the game.

The single most important thing in that lengthy blog post is the image below, that details the upcoming roadmap of DLC for the game.

F13 Roadmap

In addition to publishing the above, the (lengthy!) blog post also seeks to shed some light on the apparent lack of progress with regard to fixing various bugs and crashes that are still present in the Xbox One version of the game. The post confirms the suspicions that Xbox One crashes are being caused by a memory leak that has proved difficult to pin down, but that the patch to resolve it is now being finalised internally – and also confirms that the disc version of the game in now undergoing certification with Microsoft.

They also touch upon the work on the long awaited single player version of the game – confirming that additional resource has been hired and that work is well underway while also admitting that the original estimated date for it has been missed. No further date is offered.

It’s quite unusual for developers to post such a frank update to the players of their game – hopefully it becomes more commonplace in the future. The post is definitely worth a read in its entirety if you’re interested in the process of making (and then maintaining!) videogames.

Are you playing Friday the 13th? Have you been affected by any of the issues the post describes? What do you think of the developer’s response to the problems you might be having? Let us know in the comments below.


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