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Throughout video gaming history, we’ve seen some great racers from the Super Nintendo all the way through to current generations, but what the Xbox has been lacking for years, was a decent Anti-Gravity racer. Developers 34BigThings decided it was time to put all they had into developing a futuristic racer with their new title Redout.

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If there is anything that comes close to other anti-grav racers such as Wipeout or F-Zero, then this is it. This is the obvious comparison and Redout is definitely the bastard lovechild of those two titles. But what 34BigThings have managed to do is bring the past facets from these racers and made Redout its own thing, worthy of a potential new franchise. The maximum speed you’ll reach is so fast that everything around you just becomes a blur with heavy focus on your vehicle and the track ahead of you. That being said, in the earlier stages of the game, you’ll want to take in the sights you see as they are genuinely gorgeous worlds filled with beautiful vistas. Now that the comparison is out of the way, let’s talk about the game itself.

A bunch of modes standard to racing titles include career, quick race against the AI, split screen for some 1v1 action and last but not least, online play. Career mode sees you choosing your starting vehicle, with several to choose from to begin with. As you progress through the ranks and start levelling up, you’ll unlock new classes for each vehicle allowing you to gradually become speedier in your racing skills. You’ll be racing on a mixture of time attack and race modes, pure or  – meaning powerups disabled or enabled, respectively. After the initial ‘Welcome Trial’, you can choose from a selection of events that you can complete in any order, gradually adding new events into the mix. Completing races and events will net you XP and money that you can spend to purchase new ships and powerups. Replaying past races and events will grant you more money and XP and allows you to aim for Gold.

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One thing that Redout does different is powerups. Rather than picking up weapons during the race, you’ll gradually gain access to more powerups that you can purchase using your career winnings and slot them in the two slots provided before you start each race. The handling is everything you’d expect from an anti-grav racer: sharp turns require you to combine steering with strafing, especially at high speeds to allow you to turn smoothly. Left stick controls your ship and pushing the right stick left or right controls your strafe whilst up or down adjusts your pitch so you can control your ship in mid-air in order to give you a better landing when coming down from jumps, but if you slide across the floor you’ll lose speed and any boost bonus. You’ll need to use the pitch controls too when going through loops or twisted tracks to stop yourself from grinding on the floor. A subtle vibration on the controller will let you know if you do.

Overall, 34BigThings have seemingly gone all-out in developing one of the greatest anti-grav racers to have appeared on Xbox One and has exceeded all expectations. Tracks aren’t too long that they feel a chore, and you’re constantly upgrading your vehicles and unlocking new events so nothing ever seems a grind. Whilst there were a few noticeable frame-rate drops during intense races, it didn’t impact the overall gaming experience. Not only does Redout stand out as an anti-grav racer, it’s also up there as one of the better racers on Xbox One.


Redout: Lightspeed Edition is available to download from the Xbox Store, priced at £31.99.

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