DVR Game Capture Increasing To 1080p

Microsoft have declared its plans to upgrade the Xbox One’s inbuilt video game capture.

The update will be viable in the new console update which will feature this Autumn. In addition to any improvements Microsoft have made, an increase in the recording resolution from 720p to 1080p will be seen. Support for external hard drives will also be upgraded, meaning that game captures can now save directly onto the device.

For those fortunate enough among us to be featured within the Xbox One Insider Program, these upgrades will be available before being available for everyone.

In the first few months of the Xbox One’s launch, Microsoft reinforced the social side of the console, making it more social-orientated. This is where they introduced the Game DVR, their game capture system. In the following four years after its release, the Xbox One’s DVR system is still a much loved piece of tech, as it allows gamers to capture moments past, present and moments yet to come.

Image result for xbox oneThe Game DVR works at 720p and at 30 FPS. With the coming update, the resolution will be increased to 1080p – a major increase. In terms of support for external hard drives, the update will now allow captures to be saved to an external drive. Before the new update, the support for external hard drives were mainly for games and apps. The new support software should be welcomed with open arms, because people with the bog standard 500GB console easily run out of room. I, myself, will welcome the update, as it comes just in time for my external hard drive!

Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One X, will also bring improvements for the game’s DVR system. With all the improved software within the console, fans can expect the DVR system to run on 4k, at 60 FPS too.

Getting an Xbox One X and looking forward to seeing the improvements to the DVR system? Or are you just excited for getting a new update? Whatever you think, let us know below.

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