Johnny Gat Is Back

Last month Agents of Mayhem was released and it definitely picked up from where its spiritual predecessor Saints Row left off. With both games been developed by Volition and Deep Silver their is no attempt to hide the fact that they are set in the same universe and that one follows on from the other. You can see what we thought of Agents of Mayhem here.

This been said then it should be no surprise that some of the old favourite characters should raise their heads again. When Agents of Mayhem was announced it was also announced that fan favourite Johnny Gat would be available as a pre-order bonus and would stay locked behind that pay wall.

Well the universe is in flux and now Johnny Gat is available to all, even if you didn’t unlock him with a pre-order. Mr. Gat is now available to download from the Xbox Store as a standalone piece of DLC. Now, we know what you’re thinking, a man with this much style must cost a pretty penny right? Well not this time around. Johnny Gat can be yours for the very reasonable price of £3.99.

If you choose not to purchase this extra piece of DLC it won’t affect your gameplay in anyway, all it will mean is that you have one less agent to play as. But then who would want that when that agent is Johnny Gat.

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