Eventide 2: Sorcerers Mirror Review

Artifex Mundi have released a steady stream of their puzzle/hidden object games over the last couple of years. Proving there is a market for the genre away from the PC, the next installment comes in the guise of Eventide 2: Sorcerers Mirror.

If you have played any previous titles from the range developed by Artifex Mundi, you will know what to expect with Eventide 2. They have become well known for powerful narratives that are delivered in a fantasy/fairy tale world. However, the sequel to Slavic Fable stumbles slightly on its journey, but does it hold enough to warrant your attention (and hard and cash)?

Whilst the story is not a direct follow on from the first game in the Eventide series, it does still feature botanist Mary on her next mystical adventure. This time around your niece, Jenny, has been captured by an immortal being known as Tvardovsky, and it’s your job to save the day. Without going into too much detail to avoid spoiling the story ahead, you will uncover a grave secret involving the dead and resurrection along your travels. Which of course are aided by numerous mini games and hidden object puzzles as standard.


Gameplay in the Sorcerers Mirror is much the same as the previous. The system converts well from mouse and keyboard to Xbox controller offering a fast and seamless experience. If you have played any other games from Artifex Mundi you will know exactly what to expect from its controls and interface. One new aspect for this entry in the series of games is most likely greatly influenced by the Telltale games – moral choices. Whilst there are only a handful to make, this has a direct affect toward how the story will unfold. However the ultimate ending will still remain the same. It’s a nice touch and mixes things up slightly – and gives completionists another reason to have another play through.

Hidden object fanatics will be delighted to hear that they take back the prime role and far out weigh the mini games. There is still a nice mix, but more recent titles have felt a lot more heavily geared toward games rather than puzzling. That being said, there is very little in terms of new puzzles and mini games that you may not have seen before, which is slightly deflating. And more still, they feel less frequent as a whole.

Graphically Eventide 2 stands out as good as any. With a vibrancy that oozes detail and quality in the still screens that you will traverse. It is a joy to look at which is joined by another good soundtrack that sets the mood. But something just feels lacking overall with the title. It could be a case of ‘seen it all before’ but as beautiful as it is to look at and listen to, it fails to draw you in as much as previous efforts.

You can romp through in expert mode within 3 – 4 hours. And sadly there isn’t a bonus story to come back to once you have completed the main story arc however, for the achievement hunters among us, a second play-through is essential to score that 1000g.

The Sorcerers Mirror is not the greatest game to come out from Artifex Mundi’s studio and lackluster compared to its predecessor. But its hard not to like it if you are a fan of the genre. You know what to expect and it’s delivered. Just don’t expect it to be the best experience available.

Eventide 2: Sorcerers Mirror is available now from the Xbox Store, priced £7.99.

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