Destiny 2 Clan Features Postponed For Several Days

Bungie confirmed in a tweet that Guardians of Destiny 2 must wait in order to make use of the in-game clan features.

Clans are communities that are situated in game. They are players of a similar mind-set in terms of the game, and in coming together, they can benefit from each other’s abilities and achievements. In the first Destiny, clans were only accessible through the website and were mostly functional in the shadows of the game.

In Destiny 2, clans have been brought to the front of the show, and can now allow players to join fellow team mates whenever, create fireteams with other Clan members, and as individual Guardians progress through the game, it levels up the Clan too. They are featured within the user interface, and are more frontal in regards to gameplay.


However, during the first few days of the game’s release, the Clan features won’t be accessible for players, according to Bungie.

While it still remains possible to connect with friends in fireteams using the other features that are included in Destiny 2, the “Guided Games” function – which is made so that Clans can help solo players journey throughout the game – will also be inoperable until Clan functionality is up and running.

What are your thoughts about the Clan issue? Are you frustrated? Are your bones riled? Whatever you may think, let us know in the comments below.

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