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We’ve had a couple of hits with horror titles this year with Outlast and Resident Evil sequels hitting our Xbox’s, but Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team have surprised us with a title that crawled out of the woodwork with Observer.

Observer is a cyberpunk survival horror title that isn’t exactly a walking simulator, whilst most of the game you’ll be walking around, you’ll also be investigating certain clues and suspicious elements. It’s set in the year 2084 in Poland, where Big Brother is watching your every move, after a digital plague from a war took out a chunk of the worlds population, due to people modifying themselves with cybernetics and augmentations. What makes this quite a unique title, is whilst this features a ton of residents to interact with, the only person you’ll mostly be seeing is yourself, the janitor of the apartment complex where the majority of the game is set. You interact with the residents via intercoms and other systems.

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This title really makes you think. In a world where technology is expanding at an increasing rate, it’s not surprising that this could end up being our reality. George Orwell got some sense of the future, and the reality has come to pass. It’s clear that the developers have taken huge inspirations from thought provoking books such as 1984. Whilst this is an extremely story-focused title and a horror title at its core, that doesn’t mean it provides you with cheap scares. As with Layers of Fear, interacting with things in the environment provide you with lore to this world and what’s going on, and provides a sense of eeriness to this future that’s frightening within itself.

The controls are kept nice and simple with the left stick to control your character and the right stick to look around. A couple of buttons needed for interacting and a few more for various visions such as night vision and bio vision – both of which adds layered elements to your sleuthing skills.

Observers world provides the grim feel needed for what you’d imagine this world to be like, let down by the long loading times that takes you out of the immersion. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic title that proves that this type of horror still has what it needs to stand out from the others, providing unique experiences and intense moments without cheap tactics.

>Observer_ can now be downloaded from the Xbox Store, priced at £23.99.

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  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


Set in a dystopian future, where the government is watching your every move and almost everyone has augmentations, this title provides a grim sense of reality with high levels of eeriness without resorting to cheap tactics. Gorgeously detailed in every way, but immersion gets lost all too much due to the long loading times.

Stephen Loftus

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