Xbox One X Enhancements for Rise Of The Tomb Raider Inbound

Square Enix have confirmed that one of 2015’s greatest games, Rise of the Tomb Raider, will receive a range of enhancements for the upcoming Xbox One X. Branded as ‘The highest fidelity Tomb Raider ever,’ here’s what to expect when playing on Microsoft’s new powerhouse machine.

You will of course be able to experience the title in native 4k, which leads the charge with the graphical improvements of the enhanced update. However, there will be three visual modes on offer to players. Along with 4k, there’s a new high frame rate to offer the smoothest experience to date for Lara. As well as this, the ‘enhanced visual mode’ will feature graphical upgrades. There will also be audio support for Dolby Atmos for those looking for a deeper and richer sounding experience. And Rise of the Tomb Raider has one excellent soundtrack already.

HDR support will also be added with higher textures for Lara, NPC and the environment. Check out the trailer below which demonstrates the graphical upgrades right down to the pores on Lara’s skin.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will receive its enhancements on launch day for Xbox One X, November 7th. What do you think to the latest updates? Is it enough to make you return to the game? Or are you just waiting patiently for the rumoured Shadow of the Tomb Raider to be announced? Let us know in the comments below!

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