Battlefield 1 Is Set To Finally Get Perks

To hardened veterans of the Battlefield franchise it came as something of a surprise when Battlefield 1 launched without perks or specialisations. Well finally it looks like they will be getting added to the game.

This time the specialisations will work a little bit differently. They will be split into two categories, generic and kit specific. All players will start with three automatically, Flak, Cover and Quick Regen. After that you will have to earn your perks. It looks like you will do this by completing new service assignments. These service assignments will launch with the In the Name of the Tsar expansion.

The specialisations that will be included are as follows:


  • Flak: Incoming damage from explosions is reduced by 15 per cent.
  • Cover: Incoming suppression is reduced by 25 per cent.
  • Quick Regen: Decrease time before Out of Combat Heal by 20 per cent.
  • Quick Unspot: Decrease length of time you are Spotted by two seconds.
  • Bayonet Training: Bayonet charge lasts one second longer and recovers one second quicker.
  • Hasty Retreat: Increase your maximum sprint speed by 10 per cent whilst you are Suppressed.
  • Camouflage: When moving slowly or stationary you are invisible to Spot Flares.


  • Juggernaut: Your Gas Mask also reduces explosive damage by 15 per cent (does stack).
  • Controlled Demolition: TNT is now detonated sequentially.


  • Stimulant Syringe: Reviving an ally give you both a 20 per cent sprint speed for eight seconds (does not stack).
  • Concealed Rescue: Downed Squad Mates within 20m drop smoke to cover their revival (40s cooldown).


  • Unbreakable: Incoming suppression is reduced by 75 per cent when your Bipod is deployed.
  • Pin Down: The Duration an enemy remains spotted is extended via Suppression.


  • Scapegoat: A decoy is automatically deployed when struck below 35 health by a distant enemy (30s cooldown).
  • Perimeter Alarm: When your Trip Mine is triggered enemies within 15m are marked on the mini-map.

According to DICE the idea of the perks system is not necessarily to give you more power but more diversity. This means that very soon you will be able to play Battlefield 1 exactly the way that you want to.

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