Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure Review

With an influx of adventure games calling themselves ‘point and click’, it’s easy to throw COWCAT’s adventure game Demtrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure under the same category. Demetrios is more of an interactive novel; a true point and click adventure, but does it capture the charm of point and click adventures of long ago?

demetrios 2

The premise is simple: you play as Bjorn Thonen, the lazy son of an antiques dealer who lives in Paris. When he mysteriously becomes unconscious, he soon realises his apartment was broken into and has stolen a tablet from an ancient statue that so happens to reside in his bedroom. He then embarks on a cynical journey to investigate the strange theft only to be distracted by many quests residents before you can continue on your journey – which so happens to be the same course of direction any title of this genre undergoes.

This is a true-to-roots point and click adventure where you actually point and click on items to interact with them – no fancy characters walking about, collecting the items for you. This is a scene-by-scene novel so to speak. Each scene has a plethora of items for you to interact with, with some items requiring further interaction in order to collect it. COWCAT has decided to have some fun with this title by incorporating a vast amount of ways for Bjorn to fail his mission, resulting in some sort of ‘Game Over’ scene. For example, in the first scene, you can carelessly put your finger in one of the electrical sockets that’s switched on and ultimately, end your life with a humorous game over scene depicting that death. In another scene, you can literally take the piss with the police and pee on their beloved plant to get you sent to prison, bringing with it a funny game over scene.

demetrios game over

The developers aren’t afraid to have fun with this title either. They clearly indicated before you even start the game, that this title can have a lot of toilet humour, if you so desire. You do have the ability to turn this option off if you’re not a fan of fart or poo jokes. They even poke fun at the genre itself. Previously, we mentioned the game over scene regarding being sent to prison thus resulting in loading your save back up to just before that happened. Carry on talking to one of the police officers who mentions about you going to jail for peeing on their plant, with Bjorn responding with “You’re not supposed to remember that” – classic!

The game over scenes aren’t the only scenes to find and collect throughout Bjorn’s world. There are plenty of cookies to be discovered too. In fact, there are three cookies to find within each scene, some that are obnoxiously obvious whereas others are furiously frustrating to find. Luckily, they’ve included a handy tool that’s rarely found in these types of games. The ability to zoom in to a certain spot to inspect more clearly. However, this does not sometimes help your case. What’s more, every single interactive item is named – just in case you’re not entirely sure what that is. It looks like a piece of poo from a distance…let me just zoom in on that…oh yes, definitely a piece of poo. Nice.

demetiros 1

Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure is a hilarious take on the genre, with humour that some may find revolting. The game will take you around 8-10 hours to complete, maybe more if you’re inspecting every element and hunting down those cookies and game over scenes. Overall, this title is a refreshing change from the influx of so-called point and click adventures and one that every cynics should purchase. Or not.

Demetiros – The BIG Cynical Adventure is available to download from the Xbox Store now, priced at £7.99.

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