Regain Your Humanity In Cyber Complex

We have been shown many different views of the future via movies and video games but the idea of very few are as bad as those depicted in Cyber Complex. Polarity Flow have created a vision of the future that is terrifying and sinister in equal measures.

We have started to modify our brain with technology and an evil organisation called the Eurasian V-Eye Corporation have developed a mod that strips people of their humanity and turned them into robotic slaves. Although hope isn’t entirely lost. A resistance has been formed and is determined to fight the Eurasian V-Eye Corporation. You play as a recruit of this resistance movement but the fight will be tough.

As a resistance fighter you must gain access to the cyperspace grid and capture clusters there. You must also create friendly nodes in the network all while avoiding the enemy scanners. All this adds up to a challenge that could test you to your very limits.

There are several different game modes included in Cyber Complex including a campaign and survival mode. There is also a local two player co-op and versus mode meaning you can enjoy fighting the evil corporation with a friend. If you want to show off your skills with friends further a field then you can compete on global leaderboards as well.

Cyber Complex is out now and available to download from the Xbox Store for £7.99

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