WWE 2K18 To Get The Cena (Nuff) Collector’s Edition

The WWE 2K games have built somewhat of a reputation for themselves when it comes to impressive collector’s editions. Last year was the NXT Edition with a Demon Finn Balor statue, among other things, whilst the year before was dedicated to Stone Cold Steve Austin. This year, it’s all about Hustle, Loyalty and Burying Rusev at Battleground.

WWE have announced that players can pre-order the Cena (Nuff) Collector’s Edition of WWE 2K18, which includes a whole host of John Cena related guff. Pre-ordering it will give you new playable versions of John Cena, alongside legends Rob Van Dam and Batista and the Season Pass.

All of the above are also available in the Deluxe Edition, which also includes 2 playable versions of Kurt Angle as a pre-order bonus. So what does the Collector’s Edition exclusively include? You get a limited edition John Cena “Cena (Nuff)” action figure and a piece of the Royal Rumble 2017 ring from when Big Match John won his 16th World Championship, along with a signed photo from that historic victory.

What are your thoughts on the Cena (Nuff) Edition? Are you excited, or have you seen enough? Check out trailer and sound off in the comments below!

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