Monster Hunter: World New Details Revealed

Monster Hunter: World is set to be an action role playing game set in an open world environment. The game is currently in development by Capcom and is set to be released early next year. This weekend at San Diego Comic Con Capcom showed off a few more details for the game.

During a stage presentation the developer showed off a gameplay video that revealed a few new details about the game. The main thrust of the video was centered around several fights against different giant monsters, not a bad start then. The gameplay showed that the textures of the monster’s skin or fur look amazing and the environments are rich and lush. We were also told that the environments will have varying temperature and humidity meaning that different plants and wildlife will inhabit different areas.

In regards to gameplay we saw that the combat looks slick and exciting although it could lead to a lot of button mashing, but there’s not a lot wrong with that. It was also revealed that you have the ability to shoot off a flair that will call in other players to help. It wasn’t made clear exactly how this will work but it could be an interesting little feature to make the game even more exciting.

We were also promised that early this week we will get to see details of all of the different weapons included in that so we will be sure to let you know when that is released.

You can enjoy the world wide announcement trailer for Monster Hunter: World below.

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