Destiny 2 Open Beta Extended

Bungie has confirmed that the Open Beta for Destiny 2 will be extended via an announcement on Twitter.

The beta began for pre-order holders on 19th July on Xbox One and was originally scheduled to end on 23rd July. The announcement that it’s been extended until 25th July means that we can all carry on playing for another few days. In addition, social space ‘The Farm’ which was supposed to be available for only one hour yesterday will also continue to be available until the end of the beta.

Response to the beta has been mixed, with some people criticising the new concentration on gunplay over the use of grenades and supers and still more people criticising the lack of content available. Others (including me!) have responded to the exact opposite effect. Bungie has responded to some of the criticism already, re-iterating that the version of the game being tested by the open beta is already “months old” and that the feedback from users on the subject of super charge rates and power ammo is supporting “decisions already made” – indicating that the game may well behave differently with regard to these when it ships in September.

Have you been playing the Destiny beta? Have you been having fun? How do you think it holds up to the first game? Has it changed your mind, for better or worse? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter

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