What To Expect With Destiny 2

With the much anticipated Destiny 2 ready to hit our stores on September 6, there are many things to look forward to.

A video releasing more information about the upcoming game has been dropped upon fans like a Titan Hammer. Everything is completely new to crucible, and with the new features it will make every engagement that little bit more tactical.

With the new feature to be able to track super abilities, you can see exactly what state your current opponent is in. Not only can you now see what super people have used, but you can also see their chosen subclass too. This gives you the ability to predict when to use your super effectively. For example, you will be able to unleash a Hunter with Nightstalker equipped differently to the way that you would use a Titan with Sunbreaker active.

Teams can have the chance to see who is waiting to respawn and who is alive on their teams. This can give the team as a whole an idea to either stay together, or split apart, depending on how each member thinks. Having the option to see who is waiting to respawn gives you notions as a player of what type of firepower you have behind you.

Different area names on the map will now be displayed also, meaning that gameplay within a party will be easier. Teams will be able to give the name of the place they are in directly, which can make a strong difference to the rest of the fireteam and how they all pull together. d2_story_env_01

Teams will be able to see power ammo acquisitions, meaning that enemies, and allies, can of course see when special and heavy ammo have been acquired. With on-screen prompts being provided, it means that players can see when any power ammunition has been collected and what to watch out for in the depths of the maps.

Tactics is key within Destiny 2, with the enemy having the same information about you as you have about them. With everything to play for, Hunters, Warlocks and Titans alike will have to come together and work collectively as a team, as things are about to get a lot more intense.

Will you allow yourself “to dominate, to crush, and to conquer” within the new game? Or will you hop on your Sparrow and speed away in fear? Whatever you’re feeling, let us know within the comments below.

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