Is Friday The 13th Getting A Single Player Mode?

Gun Media, developers of Friday The 13th, have confirmed that news on the single player element of the game will be coming soon. The game launched back in May as an asymmetrical multiplayer experience and was warmly received in spite of being dogged by a large number of technical issues – due in no small part to it enjoying more success than had been expected.

Little mention has been made of the single player since launch as the developers have concentrated on resolving the multiplayer issues, but the silence has now been broken. Speaking to Gamespot, the developers have confirmed that in spite of the attention being paid to bug fixing, work on the single player hasn’t ended:

“Thankfully, due to the huge amount of support we’ve received from fans, our team has been able to expand work on future content to coincide with our focus on fixing performance issues. We are incredibly excited to share news very soon, including more on the upcoming single-player mode that will be available at no additional charge.”

The question that now begs to be asked is what a single player version of the game will look and play like. The multiplayer involves one person playing as Jason, attempting to track down and murder (as gruesomely as possible, preferably!) each of the other 7 players – each of whom take on the role of a counsellor. Fingers are crossed that there will be more to the single player version than an AI populated version of the multiplayer mode – but either way it sounds like we’ll know more shortly.

You can come and discuss it with us when we stream some more Friday The 13th this Sunday night at 8pm BST. It’ll be visible on our Facebook page!

Are you playing Friday The 13th? Would you be interested in a single player campaign for the game? If you were in charge, how would it work? Let us know in the comments below!


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