New Features In Xbox Update Coming Today

Major Nelson has announced that they will be pushing a new dashboard update sometime today, bringing with it a host of new features.

If you’re an Xbox Insider receiving the preview updates, regardless of which ring you’re in, you should by now be familiar with these updates that everyone should now receive. Here are the four major features to be included in today’s update:

  • Custom Gamerpics
  • Mixer Co-streaming
  • Controller Auto Sign-in
  • User-generated Tournaments

Custom gamerpics, a highly anticipated feature, will allow you to change your gamerpic to any picture you desire either by uploading directly from the Xbox itself, or by using the Xbox app for Windows devices, iOS or android.

Mixer Co-streaming allows upto four budding streamers to stream games together in one session. This can be from the same game or playing different games altogether.

Controller Auto Sign-in allows you to link up gamertags with controllers so that whenever you hit that big Xbox button on a specific controller, it will automatically sign in the gamertag that you linked up.

User-generated Tournaments allows you to create, manage and customise your own tournaments for games.

So there we have it, some exciting new features for you to try out. The update should be rolling out at some point today, but no time frame was given.

For more information, check out Major Nelson’s blog.

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Stephen Loftus

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