Night Trap’s 25th Anniversary Reveal

With the release date firmly under wraps still, more details of Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition keep emerging from the light. Screaming Villains, whom are the team behind the revitalisation of the FMV game, revealed a new trailer which entailed the all new Survivor Mode. Including this, they have teased us with the release of new modes for both the Xbox One and PS4.nighttrap2

The video is a series of highlights, outlining the bad guys of the game falling into a series of booby traps, whom are known as the Augers. The outline of the game is that there is a house full of teenage girls at a sleepover and the group is being stalked by a pack of vampire wannabes. Within the game, you can control a special agent, who monitors the house with surveillance equipment, and can unleash false floors, cages and any other instruments that you may need. Survivor Mode takes out the story elements, and with each round, increases in difficulty.

As stated previously, the Screaming Villains Twitter page have dropped subtle hints about the upcoming details:

Survivor & Theater are NOT the only new things in Night Trap. More features, platforms, documentary and most importantly, a release date.

The game is not going to be a cheap remake of the classic 1992 Sega CD version, including interviews with the original creators and cast being a seemingly good addition to the lineup.

With the reveal of the special edition boxes for the PS4 by physical copy publisher Limited Run Games, it’s difficult not to give into the temptation that lays in all of us, urging us to get in on the Auger deathtraps. We can hope that in light of the recent news that has emerged, a release date will soon be foretold to us all. In the meantime, you can enjoy the reveal trailer below:

Is this ‘horde’ mode a welcoming addition to the 25th anniversary release or would you rather see these remakes on the back burner? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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