Destiny – Xur: Agent Of The Nine, 30 June 2017

Xur Location 7th April

Guardians, it’s Friday and that means Xur is back in Destiny.  This time however he is located in the Reef.  Here are his wares for the weekend:

Exotic Gear:

Name Type Stats Cost
Legacy Engram Leg Armor Engram 29 SC
The Glasshouse Titan Helmet 44 Int // 42 Dis 13 SC
Young Ahamkara’s Spine Hunter Gauntlets 40 Int // 39 Dis 13 SC
Starfire Protocol Warlock Chest Armor 60 Int // 51 Dis 13 SC
Hawkmoon Hand Cannon 23 SC


Name Type Quantity Cost
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable 3 1 SC
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable 10 3 SC
Three of Coins Consumable 5 7 SC
Glass Needles Material 1 3 SC
Emerald Coil Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC

Material Exchange:

Name Cost
Mote of Light Strange Coin x2
Exotic Shard Strange Coin x7
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