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The Golf Club 2 from developers HB Studios aims to set itself aside from the ever-releasing licensed golf games from EA, but how much golf can one person take before it becomes tedious? Does it offer anything new as far as golfing games go?

Straight off the cuff, this title throws you straight into the basic controls before you do anything else in the game. This short introductory tutorial will allow you to choose whether you want to use the left stick or the right stick for taking your shots, then the tutorial will teach you how to swing, putt, chip and adjust angles for making those perfect shots. There are more tutorials for you to learn as you progress through the game, and are completely optional however, it is highly recommended to read through them all as soon as you get the notification to, tedious as it may be. Without these tutorials; which also serve as a navigation guide, it’s easy to get lost around the heaps of menus leaving you overwhelmed on where to begin.

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As standard with sports titles, this does indeed include a career mode, but it’s not the conventional one you’re used to. You can take your pick between an endless amount of courses by the official developers, or by custom made courses published by other players and within each set has it’s own ‘mini’ career. This leaves for an unlimited amount of replayability as far as campaign modes goes as each of the careers come with their own difficulty, but if you’re starting out with easy courses, you’ll be scrambling around for quite some time as opposed to the abundance of hard difficulty and only a small collection of medium courses. Hopefully this will expand even more once more players start uploading their courses and the developers change things up with their courses.

Something that’s becoming a regular entity is that of ‘timed’ and ‘themed’ events by the developers themselves – all a ploy to keep the gamers returning for more. The Golf Club 2 is no exception as you can join ‘societies’; The Golf Club 2’s version of a clan system. Within societies, you can compete with other societies on specially selected courses either alone or with some friends, gaining rewards and boosting up your society, with events changing every so often to keep things fresh – each offering their own challenges.

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There is a course designer in this title which makes a welcoming return, improving upon and evolved from it’s predecessor. You can pick from a variety of themes such as tropical, winter and even a desert! The controls for designing have been made simpler. You can alter the land as you see fit by raising or lowering the land and creating hills. You can choose the distance to each tee, quickly jumping in to give it a whirl and seamlessly returning to the editor to adjust. Absolutely any hazard you can think of when it comes to golf, you can edit in the course designer – making it the most intuitive course designer to date complete with every possible customisation you can think of, from the number of holes and pars to the use of particular clubs and banning of others. Once your courses have been made, you can try them out or publish them to the network for other players to try.

The controls in this title can leave you somewhat frustrated at times as trying to achieve that perfect shot with a straight line from the flick of your stick sometimes goes awry, leaving you in undesirable positions. Having said that, the speed you push the stick and how much you pull back all reflect to the type of shot you’re going to pull off. Of course, that’s not the only factor that determines the type of shot – clubs are there for a reason – to help you get out of sticky situations and provide a better advantage for a particular shot.

There is an overwhelming amount of clubs available to you, along with countless other customisation options. Customising your character for example, allows you to completely create your character from top to bottom including the type of hat, watch and colour of clothes. You can unlock different sets of clubs, balls and even give your clubs a special lick of paint if you like.

The Golf Club 2 still has some improvements needed in order to become the ultimate golfing simulation title. With that being said, this is certainly an improvement over it’s predecessor but at the end of the day, it’s still just a golf game.

The Golf Club 2 is available to buy from retailers or you can download digitally from the Xbox Store, swinging in at £29.99.

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  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


Despite how overwhelming it first appears to be, The Golf Club 2 reaches new heights with an improved course designer, expansive career made and all new societies offering an indefinite amount of replayability.

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