“Fun Stuff” In Store Before Xbox One X Pre-Orders Open

Arguably one of the biggest attractions from this year’s E3 has been Microsoft’s Xbox One X console, formerly code named Project Scorpio. The console was revealed at the start of this year’s expo and has been a massive talking point ever since.

While the console has generated a lot of positive press there have also been some negatives. Perhaps the biggest negative, although that’s an extremely harsh word, has been the lack of apparent pre-orders for the hyper powerful console.

Although there could be good reason for this lack of pre-orders, in an interview with Gamertag Radio, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Management, Albert Penello, spoke about why they made the decision to hold back on Day One pre-orders.

We are a long way away from launch. So I think we wanted to have a really strong E3 around talking about the product and talking about the games We are going to do pre-orders closer to launch, I think we are going to have some fun stuff to talk about with pre-orders that we haven’t talked about now.

Now whether there are plans in the works for further big announcements ahead of the launch of the X remains to be seen. It could just be a case of Penello being the world’s biggest tease and there’s actually nothing more to come, only time will tell.

Either way with the most powerful and compact console that Microsoft have ever built now having a release date surely it’s time to start getting excited?

Will you be getting the console at launch on the 7th of November? Or will you hold out in the hopes that the price tag of £449 drops a little? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: Dual Shockers

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