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When you think of free to play games, you’ll likely think of titles that are not up to scratch or those that are synonymous with the infamous micro-transactions. However, F2P has become much more mainstream over the last decade, mainly owing to the surge in smartphone technology. And this is a trend that home consoles are slowly starting to recreate with recent titles such as Paladins and Gems of War. Cue Crossout, a fully fledged F2P post-apocalyptic MMO. Not exactly the genre you would expect from something that comes for free, but can this brave attempt strengthen the reputation of the F2P catalogue?

Crossout itself was first announced in 2015 under development of Targem Games, with the premise of surviving in the post-apocalyptic universe. The difference here from the norm is that all gameplay takes place in fully customisable vehicles that you’ll drive into massive online battles in huge 3D environments.

Life on earth was scourged by a world-wide pandemic with very few survivors of the human race. The disease became dubbed ‘Crossout’ by what media was left. As cities fled, the world became a desolate graveyard with no source of the virus ever discovered. Fast forward two decades and you’ll find what remains trying to rebuild a civilisation. But to do so, you’ll encounter those not so welcoming to the idea and will battle you for any source of materials you have.


The gameplay is relatively simple to get to grips with. Starting out you have a basic vehicle and as you progress through your training in the wastelands, you are introduced to basic mechanics of handling and battle. This will likely take place against AI bots to ease you in, though the game does pair you up with others who are going through the training at the same time. Winning these battle awards loot and reputation as you move up the ranks. And it’s at this point, you realise the depth that is to come.

The customisation options are phenomenal and somewhat limitless. After an hour or so you’ll soon be building some tough looking vehicles, or adding some zany paintwork to stand out from the crowd. There’s great fun in taking your time to create a beast to take to battle, and more so when you test drive your new toy. Not all creations are successful as the game physics become apparent, but this is by no means a bad thing as it challenges you to better your creations, and yourself.

Graphically, whilst Crossout isn’t the most crisp and visually stunning title out there, it offers a range of environments that are beautiful in their own artistic right. And for a F2P title, it is more than impressive. But graphics aside, the amount of playability and gameplay is more than enough to outweigh any other area of the game.

There is options to purchase a variety of packs via the Xbox Store. The Harsh Weekday pack particularly was supplied for review which includes a unique armoured vehicle, paint and patterns as well as weapons. Whilst this is an excellent edition, it’s not essential by any means to purchase. Grinding will inevitably start to offer you more options to crafting and customisation, but it’s nice to have the option for purchasing packs if you’d rather dive straight in with something meaty.

Overall Targem Games have delivered one of the best free to play games on Xbox One. Not only is Crossout easy to get to grips with but it holds that special element of enticing you back for one more battle with an extremely fun crafting system that executes itself fantastically online. Trying this out is highly recommended. You have nothing to lose!

Crossout is available now for free from the Xbox Store.

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