Crackdown 3 Will Get The Best Out Of Xbox One X

Project Crackdown 3

There’s a lot to be excited about for Xbox fans this year. Not only will we finally get our hands on the Xbox One X, formerly code named Scorpio, but we’re also going to be treated to some excellent Microsoft exclusive titles such as Crackdown 3 which is set to be a launch title for the X.

In terms of what to expect from Crackown 3 when it’s running on the X executive producer of the title, Peter Connelly, had this to say:

“Crackdown 3 will play better on Xbox One X and feature increased level of detail at greater distances with crisper, higher texture fidelity in immersive, true 4K, HDR, wide color gamut, and spatial audio, Dolby Atmos”

With the title destined to be a Play Anywhere title from the start the development team always wanted the Xbox One and PC titles to have almost a level playing field, especially as the title is set to feature cross-play between those two platforms.

The rest of the Crackdown 3 development team seem even more enthusiastic than Connelly about the potential of Crackdown 3 on the Xbox One X:

When you see this in 4K, with all the explosions, with all that bombastic, crazy action and living, graphic novel-style…I think it’s amazing on Xbox One X

As well as the above which was confirmed during a Gamespot exclusive interview further details about Crackdown 3 were also revealed, including:

  • There is Black Hole Gun that sucks everything toward it, destroying everything. Some of the developers think the weapon is overpowered.
  • The map shows the entire city, highlighting areas that you have uncovered. Once you eliminate all hostiles, the map shows it as being controlled by you.
  • Overtaking enemy camps gives you access to their weapons. For example, after taking an enemy camp outfitted with a turret, it becomes yours, targeting enemies for you.
  • The developers stress that “all games are different” because Crackdown 3 responds to how you play and the choices you make.
  • Terry Crews is actually in Crackdown 3 and you can play as him.
  • When asked if a beta is still planned for Crackdown 3, the developers said they could not answer that.
  • The games map is 2.5 times the size of the original Crackdown.
  • The map is set on top of a volcano, the energy from which will play a role in the game.

With titles such as Crackdown 3, Anthem & Forza 7 set to come to Xbox One X it looks like the already bargain console, priced at £449, is going to be one of the best value for consoles on the market in terms of it’s specifications and games library.

Will you be picking up Crackdown 3 at launch? If so will you be grabbing it along side the Xbox One X? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: Gamespot

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