Xbox One X Clicks With Virtual Reality

On Sunday, at this year’s E3 event, Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One X was announced. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer confirmed that the console will still support virtual reality.

On Tuesday, Spencer told CNET that the Xbox One X will fully support VR, and their prior commitment in regards to this hasn’t changed. While Spencer didn’t reference VR at this year’s conference, he has let it be known that he still fully supports what he said at the past event. With teasers of the console been given at E3 last year, only known to the public as Project Scorpio, the impression that the console would support VR was left upon us.

xboxonexPhil Spencer told GameSpot that he hasn’t received a lot of requests foramixed reality variety of games for Xbox One X, but he will, however, focus on what the gaming
community wants. This leaves us with the a burning desire to know… Is the a chance for virtual reality and Xbox One X to couple up, and go together hand in hand?

Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President for Xbox, has reportedly neither confirmed or denied the rumours of whether or not Xbox One X will support VR in an interview with CNET.

In a statement made to CNET, Xbox confirmed its commitment to “delivering great mixed reality gaming,” but has said that they believe the right place is Windows PC.
What do you think of Xbox One X and VR? Do you think that they should collide, and form a whole different gaming experience? Whatever you think, let us know in the comments below.

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