Bioware Reveals Anthem

During Microsoft’s E3 presentation on Sunday night, Bioware revealed the first gameplay trailer for its new IP: Anthem – and it looks pretty impressive.

The 7 minute gameplay trailer is below – and it’s definitely worth a watch.

Anthem is set in a sci-fi future, where humanity is cowering behind a massive wall that “protects them from what lies beyond.” Players take on the role of Freelancers, and are equipped with a collection of exo suits called Javelins that they use to wage war outside the walls. According to the demo, they’re highly customisable – presumably both visually and in terms of the equipment that they can carry. Javelins fall into different categories – some fast and nimble, some heavier and capable of taking heavy damage. As well as being armed to the teeth, the suits are capable of flight and underwater exploration – facts which may well be indicative of an enormous game world.

The gameplay looks to be a combination of third person shooter (we see a heavy Mass Effect inspiration here, which is no bad thing) and Destiny style questing and exploration. Weapon and loot drops appear to be randomised and the weapon rewarded in the demo was named (“Jorra’s Wrath” – it might be a name to remember, guys!). Fingers are crossed that this indicates a deep lore sketched out with weapons and equipment that tell their own tales.

Squad based co-op is the order of the day, with up to 4 team members dropping in through the course of the game and co-ordinating their attacks and movement to overcome enemies (referred to as ‘scars’). The game will also throw up ‘world events’ which appear designed to shake up both the environment and the player experience.

Anthem is anticipated to run at 4K on the Xbox One X. With a release date of “2018”, we look forward to a drip feed of info over the next few months.

Did you see the Anthem reveal? Are you looking forward to jumping into a new shared world shooter? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Bioware

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