Xbox Backwards Compatibility Going To Span Original Xbox Games Soon

What a day Microsoft had unveiling Xbox One X, the official name of Project Scorpio.  One thing that a lot of Xbox fans though have been asking for is backwards compatibility to include titles from the first generation Xbox console.  Well Microsoft is now going to deliver on that request and announced during their E3 press conference that games from the original Xbox console will be available through backwards compatibility.  The newer hardware, especially the hardware in the beefy Xbox One X, will also improve performance and visuals on those original titles.

So what games are going to be compatible?  We don’t know yet.  Games will roll out in typical fashion as they do now through the backwards compatibility program and we can expect to see a list of games that will be the first to be available in the upcoming weeks.  Games you have both purchased digitally and still have the discs to will carry over as well which is a big bonus.

We look forward to seeing what games will be first available from the originator of Xbox.  What games would you like to see first?  Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Microsoft


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