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Action RPGs have become vastly more mainstream in recent years, earning much favour over the holy grail that is the traditional JRPG. Victor Vran falls into the former category as Haemimont Games (of Tropico fame) introduce us to their demon hunter. Having released previously on PC in 2015, Vran has now slayed his way over to Xbox One. But can he reign supreme and show Van Helsing a trick or two? Or is this one best left nailed by the stake?

Your journey begins with a cutscene of nicely crafted images to lay out your story and current situation as you arrive in the demon infested town of Zagoravia. Guided by a mysterious voice, Vran takes it upon himself to discover the identity of this shadowy person and as you progress, you’ll soon discover just how heavily infested the town has become. Demonic beings roam the streets and dungeons, from cliché spiders and skeletons to the more powerful and bizarre.

Vran presents itself in the guise of a semi top-down perspective. What makes this more efficient is the ability to fully rotate the camera around your environment at any time which gives a much more fluent feel to the graphics. It’s at most a reasonably detailed world for the camera style and top-down view it’s adopted.


Being an Action RPG, you can expect a lot of battling, but not excessive amounts of grinding which will no doubt please many. There’s an abundance of enemies in the game and once first encountered, are entered into your own personal journal to check out at any time.

What makes this more accessible for those who may not spend time with the genre, is its accessibility. You aren’t bombarded with intricate systems or bombarded with skill trees which instantly makes the games UI much friendlier. That’s not to say veterans of the genre won’t get enough out the game.

The weapons system is just as easy to get to grips with. Whilst starting with a sword, you’ll soon be looting for new gear as well as being rewarded for completing quests. Each weapon has three modes of attack which include a basic attack, followed by stronger moves which are limited to a cooldown system. This brings an element of strategy into the game when you encounter stronger and larger groups of enemies as you’ll be figuring out when best to use your power attacks. The fluidity from battles is nothing short of excellent. With no slowdown evident, it feels much more fun slaying your way through hordes of skeletons than a chore.

Vran doesn’t have any specific class but his skills are adapted dependent as to what weapon you are using. This is joined by an upgrade system that is equally easy to learn and rewarding. Further to this, you’ll gain demonic super powers which are intuitive and a lot of fun to execute. The longer you spend with the game, the more you uncover and feel personally rewarded as the player.

There’s an abundance of challenges that keep the longevity high. Complete these to be rewarded with loot, gold, weapons. The list is endless.

Victor Vran doesn’t present us with the most unique environment nor plotline. But what it does is with it is produce an extremely fun experience that offers a tonne of exciting gameplay. Whilst it isn’t completely a flawless experience, it succeeds in driving a stake through Van Helsing. Coupled with fluid controls, pleasing graphics and an easy to get to grips with, Vran has taken the Action RPG formula and set the bar for the future.

Victor Vran is available right now on the Xbox Store for £15.99.

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