Out With The Old Create-A-Class System, In With The New For CoD: WWII

With minimal details about Call of Duty: WWII being released, Activision have announced more exciting details about their upcoming game.

Unlike the old generation of Call Of Duty, the new installment in the franchise won’t have a create-a-class system. Instead, a new system will overthrow the old one, and it’s being named the Divisions. of Sledgehammer Games, Glen Schofield, stated in a blog post that the Divisions system is a unique part of the player’s customization process. Contrary to the usual route of just customizing your appearance and weapon loadouts, there is a choice of five individual “iconic” Divisions available from WWII. Each of these contain “combat training, division training, and weapon skills.”

Schofield said:

Divisions fundamentally redefines how players invest in their multiplayer solider career.

With specifics about the system not having been released yet, it’s likely that it will be better in certain aspects of its contents than others are. Speculation suggests we may be in store for a specialized Sniper class.

Schofield spoke more about Call Of Duty: WWII’s “War Mode.” It’s a few multiplayer mode which is driven by narrative, and is an asymmetrical battle between allies and enemies. “Allied and Axis soldiers clash in team-driven assault-and-defend gameplay in fight for strategic objectives.” He added, “We partnered with Raven Software for development on War Mode.”

Call Of Duty: WWII is due for release on November 3rd across all platforms. Scheduled for next week, Activision and Sledgehammer will be releasing more information at E3, including another installment to the series the Making of Call Of duty: WWII.

Are you going to be on the front lines, awaiting COD’s release date? Will you be firing up your Xbox in order to shoot to kill? Whatever you think, drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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