Friday The 13th Receives Sizeable Patch On Xbox One

Friday the 13th released on 26th May 2017, and by all accounts has been an extremely buggy experience. The Xbox One version has been particularly afflicted – apparently due to the delay of a Day One patch that was released to other platforms shortly after the game launched. Since that time, Illfonic and Gun Media have been receiving and responding to reports of numerous problems with the game – including visual glitches and lengthy matchmaking times.

In a post on their Facebook page, the developers have acknowledged the matchmaking problems and announced a patch that resolves a large number of the issues.

“Matchmaking – Due to a high number of users we are switching to a more robust matchmaking / system that will support a high number of players. We have made some changes to our current matchmaking system that should help reduce matchmaking times. We are currently working with Microsoft and moving over to a new system that will help reduce matchmaking times to more than acceptable times. We will have more information on that soon.

Patch Notes;
-New intro cinematics for Tommy Jarvis spawn, Game Intro, and Game Outro.
-Fixed crash for VoIP that would during gameplay
-Fix for out of memory crash with a bug in the texture system bloating out textures after playing a couple of rounds.
-Fixed getting stuck when interactive with drawers.
-Fixed getting stuck when climbing through windows
-Fixed camera getting stuck when interactive with doors, windows and drawers.
-Fixed Jason getting stuck in a chop loop when breaking down doors.
-Fixed Jason getting off aligned when breaking down doors. He will no longer keep popping back in a new position.
-Fixed environment and grab kills being off.
-Fixed environment and grab kill jittering.
-Made knife pickup grab animations more accurate.
-Fixed some knife pickups from not working.
-Fixed the shotgun and flare gun sometimes not firing.
-Fixed weapon swapping from floating.
-Fixed firecrackers going through the world
-Fixed physics on car. No longer can a group of counselors push it around.
-Fixed getting in and out of a car where animations would get off sync.
-Fixed players standing up in the car.
-Fixed pocket knife not working when getting pulled out of the car.
-Fixed more than one player being able to get into the driver’s seat at the same time.
-Fixed physics on boat. No longer can a group of counselors push it around.
-Fixed getting in and out of a boat where animations would get off sync.
-Fixed players standing up in the boat.
-Fixed more than one player being able to get into the boat driver’s seat at the same time.
-Fixed HUD getting stuck when getting in and out of armoire.
-Fixed blood getting stuck on screen when dying.
-Fixed blood getting stuck on screen when coming back as Tommy Jarvis.
-Fixed repair mini game getting stuck on screen when getting hit with a weapon while doing the mini-game.
-Fixed exploit where users were able to go into combat stance and then sprint sliding around the character but not burning any stamina.
-Fixed Jason sliding around when getting stunned.
-Fixed counsellors sliding around when playing the falling animation.
-Fixed Jason grabbing someone out of a car and them becoming a ghost.
-Fixed driving the car getting out of sync with the server / host then teleporting the player back to where they got into a car.
-Made session invitations a lot more reliable.
-Fixed crash where you would exit a match and then start a new Private Match.
-Added movable hair to the female characters.
-Optimized all maps to have a nice performance increase on Xbox One when action gets intense.
-Did a warmer lighting pass to increase visual quality.
-Fixed crash when getting grabbed by Jason.”

The patch is live now. These changes are sure to improve the game – personally, my fingers are crossed for the matchmaking changes being resolved soon too. Currently, the best way to get a game in Friday the 13th is by using the ‘Looking for Group’ feature within the gamehub – accessible via the Xbox dashboard.


Have you been playing Friday the 13th? Have you experienced any of the bugs that have been fixed? Are you still waiting for the matchmaking fix? Let us know in the comments below!

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