Minecraft: Story Mode To Get A Second Season?

At the end of 2015 TellTale released Minecarft: Story Mode and it was the collision of two worlds. Everyone loves a good TellTale game and then Minecraft is, well Minecraft is Minecraft isn’t it.

Now it looks as if we are set to get a second season to sink our teeth into. The episode has been given a PG rating by the Aussie Ratings Board which is pretty much as good as an announcement to the eyes of many. The episode is apparently set to be called A Hero In Residence.

There has been no announcement from TellTale Games but a second season would come as a surprise to no one. The first season was so much of a success that the developer created three extra episodes to tag on to the first season with a new season pass.

TellTale Games has a lot going on at the moment and this momentum shows no sign of abating. The quality of the TellTale Games speak for themselves so we should all be a little excited for a second season of Minecraft: Story Mode.

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Source: eurogamer.net

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