Xbox Releases Latest Insider Program Preview Alpha Despite It Apparently Missing Features

Update version 1706 was released on the Xbox One Insider Program today and although it includes some cool features Microsoft was kind enough to make everyone aware that not all of planned features have been made available.  There is speculation that Microsoft are holding back a couple key features to allow for an announcement at E3 however only time will tell.

Here is the update in it’s (almost) full glory:


Welcome to 1706 on Xbox One! This month we’re rolling out more fan-requested improvements, new features for Mixer, and much more!

NOTE: Not all planned features for the 1706 update are available at this time.

  • Profile
    • When a signed in user is selected in the Guide, the e-mail address associated with their account will now display under their profile, as well as on Home. This feature is enabled by default for adult accounts, and disabled for child accounts (child accounts will never see the e-mail address associated with their account displayed).
    • Adult accounts can disable this feature by navigating to Settings > Account > Sign-in, security & passkey.
  • Co-streaming
    • You can now invite a friend to combine their game broadcast with yours! Sign in with an account that has an Xbox Live Gold subscription and invite a friend to your party. Once you’ve begun broadcasting your game from the Guide, you’ll be able to select “Invite party to co-stream” from the Party tab. Co-streaming is currently available only to Alpha Insiders, so we’d suggest using the Insider forums to sync up with other Alpha Insiders to test out this feature.
    • Learn more about co-streaming and other features new to Mixer here, and be sure to complete the “Invite to Co-Stream” Quest and Survey in the Xbox Insiders Hub to provide your feedback!
  • Controller Linking
    • Signing into your Xbox account can now be done with a click of the Xbox button thanks to the new controller linking feature! You can now link an account to a specific controller by opening the Guide, navigating to Settings > Account > Sign-in, security & passkey and selecting the “This controller signs in…” option followed by “Link controller.” From there, test the feature out for yourself by signing out of your account and then turning your controller off and then back on. Find more detailed steps and provide your thoughts on this feature by accepting the “Link Your Controller” Quest in the Xbox Insiders Hub!
    • Be sure to complete the “Invite to Co-Stream” Quest and Survey in the Xbox Insiders Hub to provide your feedback!


  • Windows Sonic
    • Fixed an issue which could cause distorted sounds and audio glitches when Windows Sonic is enabled.
  • Skype UWP
    • Fixed issues which could sometimes cause the Skype UWP to crash during use.
  • Mixer
    • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the virtual keyboard to lose focus (preventing text from being entered).


  • Mixer
    • After dismissing the virtual keyboard, attempting to relaunch the virtual keyboard may fail.
      • When switching games while broadcasting with Mixer, the stream freezes and doesn’t allow the user to close or restart the broadcast. Workaround: Restart the console.

Which of the new updates/fixes are you most pleased to see? Is there anything you’d like to see as part of the improvements that have been held back? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gamezone

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